Delayed Guilt!

What would happen if the question “What Next?” hit our minds faster than guilt?


Failure is not rare

But things related to failure scare.

How would it be if the tears came later

Much later after another responsibility greater.

If another try came just after a defeat

Another step to reach the same goal on the same street.

Another exercise to be stronger the same way

A little more of practice until another exam everyday.

Wouldn’t that be a better way to put our thoughts to use

Rather than crying over spilled milk and make another excuse.

It isn’t important for the world how hard you tried

For them it is more important that you failed even after you tried.

Why not give it another try and reach that star

Without giving anyone the time to see the tears, see your scar.

To take a step forward in the right direction even after you fell

To mark a trail and have a better story to tell.


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