The story of getting caught.


He gets caught in her eyes

She gets caught in his surprise

Their words get caught in the throat

Their eyes speak the rest to unquote

It’s not that bad to get caught at times

To get caught to discover sometimes

To look for something new in the old diaries

To hide something valuable in the inquiries

Does getting caught always mean of something hidden

Or can one in there also find something forbidden

How does one decide good or bad

How does one decide happy or sad

Because she wants to hide her love behind those walls

And he never had the courage to lie, he recalls

 She has been a solitary observer hasn’t had much to share

But now when he hides there, the world shows care

Is being behind the walls so evil

Why this investigation? Why this retrieval?

She wants to getaway, she wants to escape

He wants to hide and lose himself for her to reshape.

They aren’t afraid of getting caught

To say out love they cannot.

Words are in the stare, love is in the air

Hide or reveal us, come ensnare.


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