Today, is the 69th year of Indian independence and I can’t keep from stating how privileged I feel to be free. Free as a human being, an individual, a soul.


The Indian freedom struggle was not quite an easy one

Yet our fighters held the tricolor high and independence they won.

They won it for us, for this nation to live free

For the birds to fly high over the farthest sea.

Freedom is a state of mind

A state of soul very kind.

The love for liberty is something really sublime

The best view comesย after the hardestย climb.

ย And we did it even if it took long

We did it like the warriors, mighty and strong.

To fly like birds high in the sky

Because they said “Do Or Die”.

Today is the day, when I take a pledge

To spread the pride and cheer of my freedom until the edge.

To live my life as a proud responsible for my country

And give whatever I can to see it high and free.

To see happiness in the eyes of the people

To spread love and respect to the hearts of the people.


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