The Teddy Bear Hug!

A hug has all the warmth to melt a heart.


We all need hugs most of the times from various people in life.

Whether it’s from mom, dad, mate or wife.

As a kid I always ran into my dad’s arms

He picked me up in his hug and I was away from all harms.

A hug from mom during exams was a blessing in disguise

She didn’t give me strength but confidence to rise.

A hug from my sister let me know she was always there

That was her way to tell me, “I care”.

A hug from my brother was a shield of protection

It was his way to showcase love and affection.

Β A hug from a friend made me know that I wasn’t alone

Friends were always there with meΒ to share a part of my soul.

A hug is cure for every illness

A hug is the source for all wellness.

A hug puts all broken pieces together

A hug is a peaceful healer altogether.

So when she hugs you now, don’t leave her until she does

Let silence in the air carry all the sorrow away as it was.

And when he hugs, hug back tight.

Because there’s nothing better that will make it right.


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