One Thousand Four Hundred And Forty Minutes!

What have I got to do with this number? Well, this is just a way of looking at our day more minutely.


When I have to wait for a minute, just one

Those sixty seconds seem very long and not minute one.

When I’m running late and I say “Give me five minutes!”

Those three hundred seconds fly in the time of a minute’s.

But who ever thought a short day would own so much time?

The same everyday we lived, thinking we had no time.

Today, I could own a basket full of good memories in exchange for my age

But I spent time worrying about how to do what all my teenage.

Had I lived a moment or just 90 seconds of 1440 minutes a day

I would have 30 good times in a month, having one each day.

Imagine spending a little more than a moment or two

And having a big collection of good memories too.

Yes, all that time has passed and no one can get it back

But tell me in the 40 years of age how many good memories are there on the stack?

And as time passes I’ll be more forgetful of what I have

So why don’t I make something memorable with everything I have.

To live with happiness even if what came to me today wasn’t that pleasing

To make every moment count like we were sneezing.

How well do you remember the first day of office?

Why not grab this opportunity to make a vivid memory out of everyday of office?

Life might be short with long hard days

But making it a long life with small special days has many ways.

I may not be able to make my whole day add

But if I can add a few moments to my whole day I’ll be glad.

To stock up a library of golden memories even when I’m blue

To have lived a million years of happiness, when I have to say goodbye, say adieu.


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