For one bond that lasts lifelong, is true friendship.


I never had a lot of anything

But I always had a little of everything.

I never had a lot and many of friends

But I had a few who would handle my ends.

Lifelong I thought so many people don’t like me

But there were a few who really loved me.

I never had gratitude for those who were mine

But those who weren’t, for them I’d always whine.

Today when I have someone who scolds me when I’m wrong

I feel loved, blessed and strong.

Someone who owns a smile with pride in my happiness

Without whom life is a little more than loneliness.

My teachers always taught me

To be a friend to those who would let me be.

I think I’ve found a better me in their company

Friends I have aren’t many, but they pull me back from difficulty any.

Β  They make me cry but we laugh a little louder

They stand tall but I feel prouder.

Today I am much more than blessed

Not much rich, but I have the biggest treasure chest.

I have friends like you do

I have the one who will sit through.

The measure of joy I hold is, infinity

And the bond I share with them is affinity.


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