In today’s world, where time is everything, how can one be patient and wait?


“Stop right there!” his words sounded to me, when he just said “Wait”

I felt like the whole world was moving ahead and I was late.

More than the society, my small world was moving far from me

It was my family, my friends moving ahead and I couldn’t see.

At that time it was a mountain to climb

It was a fight, but seemed like a crime.

To pause meant forever, meant loss, meant failure

It meant in the middle of the sea, a lifeless sailor.

It wasn’t easy to tell the world, I’ve got to wait

Even though it wasn’t a mistake, it was just fate.

But they won’t listen like family does

They will blame me and create a fuss.

They might forget what really happened the next day

But they would put rocks on the mountain, and toughen my way.

So what now? What next?

For this cause, I had no effect.

All I could see was my life running out of my hands

Time running too, like do the sands.

But soon I understood silence and patience taught more than anything else could.

On a fine line of peace I stood.

Β To be silent in failure is more difficult than success

To be patient is like to play a game of chess.

None of them is easy, but no one mentioned it would be

We always have our day to stop, wait and see.

Every key to success might not find you the correct lock

Sometimes it might take more time, time will be a large block.

But every tough time is not a big mountain

It’s just a rock to move and create your fountain.


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