We all have the virtue within us.

Woman reading book

Have you ever wondered how would it be

To see smiles around wherever you could see.

To receive a warm greeting wherever you went

To spend a good time whenever you spent.

Β How would it be to share happiness with a friend

To share a little love that would last till the end.

To lend a helping hand to mom in the kitchen

To walk the dog or play with the kitten.

How would it be to look at clear skies after pouring rain

To shine again after treachery and pain.

Β To own and embrace a wound, a scar

To swim the oceans with courage at par.

How would it be to do what you like

To drift a bike, to go and hike.

To be who you are, to believe in yourself

To be in and out just as oneself.

Being genuine, being true

Being the one loved by you.

To shine in the sky of a million stars

To glisten like one with a few scars.


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