Make a Start!

Get exercising, learn driving, read more, write frequently, practice dancing and so on. These things remained on my to-do-list for long, until one day when everything changed.


That morning my alarm did not ring, it boomed into my ears

It was an unusual melody unlike everyday, it was something that got changed after years.

I woke up to see my mom leaning on the opposite wall with my toothbrush and toothpaste in her hand

“Go, get ready!” was her command.

I did exactly as she said without another word

Puzzled in the head, this was such a new world.

I’d never seen her like this ever before

Her appearance too wasn’t any similar, she looked like a girl of twenty-four.

I quickly dressed up and she was at the door

Waiting for me to go outdoor.

She pulled her bicycle out from the backyard and tossed me my keys

So that was the master plan, now I was at ease.

We rode to a showroom and she promised me a new bike

If I completed my target on time and this reward was way better and nothing like.

We always need an extra, an extra from everything

It may be a reward, it may be a punishment, but we need a push, we need something.

Had my mom not given me the extra urge

I would still be lying on the bed today and my plans and routine would never merge.

I plan my reward for every task

And I also punish myself if it’s not done, the planned task.

My life changes everyday

There’s a new challenge every time, to travel a new way.

But I soon adapt it and this is the best I explore

I got out in search of something else and return by knowing myself more.

Today there’s a list of rewards and punishments are few

And there’s a new world to outdo.


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