“If you’re always trying to be normal, you will never know how amazing you can be.”

-Maya Angelou


A smile goes a long way

But it can’t be carried every time, everyday.

We hide ourselves behind subtle and gullible smiles

And unknowingly we run away miles.

Hiding emotions deep within is easy yet tough

We hide them everyday, they’re never enough.

But have you ever wondered how important sorrow can be

When it’s inside it jams and outside it let’s us free.

We all want to be known as a pleasant personality

Without understanding the importance of reality.

Pain hurts but isn’t evil

We feel it’s a sword but it’s just a needle.

We sense sharing our difficulty might portray us as weak

Instead of embracing it with pride, we run and sneak.

We all have fears, we all feel sad

And at times it isn’t that bad.

To cry doesn’t mean being infirm

It means we understand strength, we understand what is being firm.

It means we’re genuine in and out

It means bare and bright without doubt.

Don’t hide your emotions they’re valuable too

Share them and be the real you.


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