Old Fashioned Love!

I might be a twenty-first Century girl but I still want to be loved like they did in the old times.


Where did that love go?

Where he looked for her and would hide to follow.

Where he took her behind the walls to tell her how much he loved

Where he ran behind her holding a rose, to make her his beloved.

Where they walked together on green grass

Where she’d drink from his hands and not glass.

Where he would kiss her hand and let her go

Where she could look behind and say, ‘I love you so’

Where they would dance in the middle of the street

Where they would sing and laugh and repeat.

Where falling in love was not for a short time span

Where “I love you” meant “Until I can”.

Where love was no secret and she was always close

Where being with him meant the most grandiose.

Where he knew her better than she herself

Where love meant more than itself.

It’s old now but it’s still beautiful

To wake up in his arms even at sixty and feel youthful.Β 

I wish that he just looks into my eyes to say

“I love you, you’re mine and I will always stay.”


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