Where I Am!

Pause and see, this is a beautiful place to be.


Rushing, running as fast as we can

Running for a new motive something different from what we began.

We wish to do more, more than we are doing today

We don’t stop to see where we are, we see no journey, no way.

The place, state, time at present might truly be obscure

But it’s worth a notice, a calm stare, I assure.

It’s worth to pause, stop, wait and halt

Even if it’s a tough time or a cure-less fault.

Situation maybe harsh or amazing

The skies may be pouring or blazing.

Rest for a while and look around

Don’t sprint and scurry, don’t be bound.

Think about what you’ve dealt and come out through

Think about what you don’t have to suffer like others do.

Stay where you are, take a break

It might be short or long, don’t think at stake.

Run and leap with power and strength

Go far ahead, go a great length.

Be blessed for there’s still inhale and exhale

Live a peaceful life, yet mark your trail.


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