Sing, Dance and Sway!

Isn’t life becoming all so busy to do what we really like?


The song doesn’t linger into my mind any more

I don’t really get the nerve to get of that door.

The window of my computer screen is always open

With a list of unending work that never lets aperture of my mind reopen.

I smile when I see those children swinging in the park

Some of them hiding behind the rustling tree bark.

I notice myself now so dull and tired

Filled with no energy almost uninspired.

I walk down the lane looking away

For no reason such prices I pay.

Happiness knocks now and then; I fail to listen to it’s whispers

Every morning with the winds through my window; at times it has whiskers.

These windows are shut now because important documents flew out in the air once

Β Were they really important then, today I have confronts.

We don’t really realise how quick time flies

We don’t wait to see it flow gently with real eyes.

I wish I had more time to do more of something I like

To go out cycling, to be with family, to go and hike.

I wish I had more time now, so I didn’t have to wait for that day

Where I could sing, dance and sway.


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