It isn’t easy to stand by someone in all difficult and unhealthy situations. But what if I ask you not to stand by but just stay?

Not all road trips are fun and easy

Most make you tired and dizzy.

What if you fell ill on one?

To be there beside, will there be someone?

I fell ill; very ill

On a road trip, while driving uphill.

At first I felt cool and nice

But soon it was just ice.

Ice all around, stranded on freezing cold land

No more shelter to cover, no warm sand.

In a while temperatures rose

A little motivation came to me and to drive again I chose.

Enjoying the cold breeze I went ahead with a head held high

And the next thing was hailstorm from the sky.

How would you feel in this situation all alone?

I felt all the same, in a lonely zone.

An old man, a heavenly messenger, almost a saviour

Patted my back, added blessings, he came for a while to do such a favour.

I drove again, now a more steeper way

But neither did I have any choice nor any further day.

Kept driving until my health gave up

Frozen like ice, swollen like a balloon, to have hoped for better I felt like a chump.

But keep going they say, there’s always a way

Tired this much, I had no one to complaint to, today.

Then I met a soldier doing his daily drill

Trust me I now know, it was not easy, quite a thrill.

Cried so loud asking for help, scolded him I guess for doing just little help

Β And then reached the top after so much difficulty and yelp.

It was a task and I know it wasn’t easy

But it would be better to hold a warm hand in such a weather so uneasy.

To cry on someone’s shoulder without worrying of tears and why

To scream at someone close, for he or she wouldn’t be hurt to wry.

If you were asked to hold someone’s hand just to be there?

Would you say yes without thinking of what’s fair?

At times we don’t understand why screams and why cries

They might not be necessary, but take them and be wise.

Don’t stand by like a solid rock to protect and care

Just stay and a corner of your heart just share.Β 


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