The only language that can be heard without being spoken.


The best way to convey your heart is by being silent

For in love we whisper and in anger we turn violent.

The best way to care is by being present there

To show that you cherish, to show that you share.

Why does it become important to say everything you feel?

Supreme to put your heart out; to reveal?

Silence doesn’t mean I’m lonely or sad always

Sometimes it means, it’s peaceful to be with you in quite many ways.

When you own silence how do words matter?

When you can hear the stillness then why wish for chatter?

A few words unsaid say stories to me

When eyes do the talking and hearts do the listening, why speak to be.

My silence will tell you everything you need to know

You can hear the voice of my heart yet love me so.

Silence has a meaning that, I can’t explain

I can speak it loud, you can hear it loud enough. What’s more to gain?


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