Being someone’s first love may be great, but to be their last is beyond perfect.


I lose myself to gain you

I’ll lose every time to be with you.

I want you to be here, every now and then

With passing time I need you to come again.

Your alluring eyes when they caress me

It’s a new world I can see.

Those ears when they patiently listen

 To my words, I shine and glisten.

That winsome smile that reflects on me,

I get crimson coy, with delight I hush up and glee.

The poise face holds all my attention

My heart whispers a million words I can’t mention.

I kiss your forehead to give you all the love I can

You kiss me back within no time span.

Those arresting lips steal my breath away

I die a thousand years, is all I can say.

Your arms do a remarkable job even you don’t know

They hold me close, far I don’t wish to go.

Those fingers engage in mine

Strong and mighty they are, yet clasp me just fine.

Your toes do no less, they tickle my feet

I know you’re sweet, but my love, you cheat.

Nonetheless I love you not from head to toe

I love you from inside me and you know.

You and I are no case or example of loving unconditionally

 But just an example of redamancy.


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