Secret Letters!

My mother loves my father unconditionally and my father loves my mother further unconditionally.


He was hiding something; my dad

Looking through the corner of his eyes, with a smile so glad.

Writing something with his favourite pen

A love letter; I wouldn’t understand then.

A few years later I saw my mother doing the same

The same old hiding game.

A little grown up I was to know their little story untold

A little more older now, to hold those letters and unfold.

Fear crept in mother’s eyes as soon as I entered her space

A little beam showing up all over her face.

“Do you want something?” she arose

“Those letters” I said, while going close.

That day and today, those letters are hidden yet

But I know the story behind, all set.

They wrote secret letters for each-other

So that there is something to hold when there is no other.

Letters for “When I’m not there!”

Letters for “When life isn’t fair!”

And they hid their letters in a safe corner of each-other’s shelves

Without knowing there was one for themselves.

A love story I can live by

A true love story I won’t deny.

There might be things we aren’t able to convey before we have to go

Because life does have an expiry date and we all know.

Leave your girlfriend, child, mother, brother a few secret gifts

So that when they don’t have your hand to hold, there is still something that uplifts.

Leave love for every time they miss you

Leave Secret Letters, even if a few.


7 thoughts on “Secret Letters!

  1. Rajesh Shetty says:

    Gudiya….. is this really written by you!
    Unbelievable maturity & depth!
    Now, even I feel like writing letters to my loved ones.


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