Where The Sky Meets The Sea!

Skyline, horizon, edge, end, beginning, stories, memories and waves.


How does one know whether it’s a beginning or an end

Whether the path ahead is straight or has a bend

How difficult it is to stand firm at the threshold

To look ahead at the bright future or to look at the good times old

To think of good, bad, young memories and move on

To think of new times, starts, difficulties and hold on

These waves pull us back to the life we’ve been habitual to

These winds pull us forward to a new world to outdo

Β To write new stories about the olden days

To learn from the written ones and find new ways

Standing here on the edge isn’t quite easy

But I like this place more; where the sky meets the sea

To have the best of both worlds

To not create stories but words

To hold time and die young

To hum a new song which is yet unheard, not sung.


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