Unsafe Humanity!

How many times do you face people who constantly criticise you, make you feel bad about yourself, hurt you? These sub-species of homo sapiens is called “Unsafe Humanity”. 

As children we were always taught to stay away from substances marked unsafe

But as we grew up we were taught to deal with them and mark them safe.

As children our elders knew we were too young to understand our good or bad

But as we grew up they left us bare to decide our own good or bad.

Now we learned two things; to identify the wrong and to make it right

This was sure not an easy fight.

Sciences were strong to identify errors and rectify them through a machine

But humans could be difficult too, was never foreseen.

Who ever knew, there were unsafe people all around?

Not unsafe for physical form but for mind hurt they were always bound.

Dealing with the human mind needed not a smart brain but a subtle heart

Even if this heart was hurt at the very start.

Compassion and strength was something absolutely required

But it’s always difficult for peace to be acquired.

  Methods to solve this equation weren’t many

And the limited one’s would necessitate counting not currency but each penny.

We gradually found these “Unsafe Humans” were probably more hurt

And that was their way to get peaceful; simply blurt.

If you can see any of these people around

Listen to them blurting difficulties in you and forget the yelling sound.

They won’t get a chance to scream and shout next time

If you don’t reciprocate and tackle them with a smile.

Yes, it isn’t easy but we aren’t young any more

To know they’re bad for us and push them to the shore.


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