Minds That Think Ahead!

There were quite many people, too many people actually who fought struggles that were tough, burdensome and exhausting. But what did they do? They fought again until they either had their mettle or died with a name and head held high.


What is it that holds you back?

There’s strength lying all over the stack.

Determination to get up again and stronger this time

Grit to get up against all wrong and create something sublime.

Courage to try once more

Spirit to sail the same sea to hit the shore.

Will to do what’s right even when everyone else is doing wrong

Purpose to continue doing what you feel is right and be strong.

Difficulties come one after the other

This one might be just another.

So don’t change your field or route or path or way

Because there’s always another day.

A bright day after too many nightmares to fulfil your dreams

A day with happiness after too many extremes.

So that now you’ve mastered the trick

You know each key, you know every click.

And now that those who said you couldn’t, are sitting quiet

You’ve fought you’re battle hard and won the riot.

Stand tall and tell them it needs no arms or armour

It just needs a mind full of peace a mind that is calmer.

Tell themΒ what you’ve lost, what you’ve shred

And gained a Mind that Thinks Ahead.


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