Reality Check!

I just got my “Reality Check” done. Did you?


When I woke up today morning and I saw myself

I saw a determined girl working hard for her life; herself.

When my mother saw me

She saw an eighteen year old, not quite like she thought her to be.

The next step was my father and his desire

Desire to see me in his visualised attire.

Three different characteristics, three different qualities

Would I be able to combine them or would they remain to me as oddities?

When I think of this question, now I understand

That not just my parents but expectations come from every land.

I cannot be everything like one wishes me to be

But I definitely can be myself perfectly.

Objectives always differ in opinion from one person to another

But remind yourself do you want to see yourself asΒ some other?

Everyone who wishes to change you, will change you and at times, without any effort

But the question is, do you like the change or does it hurt?

Be yourself and learn to strive

Opinion is important, but it’s a part of life and not life.

I can be a determined girl, like my mother wishes in the attire my father can see

This shaping of me is my identity.

Shape yourself like you can see

There is a difference in every “Me”.


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