Last Breath!

I can’t expect to GET without giving.


Even a breath comprises of inhalation and exhalation

But yet to get something, I just try giving my explanation

To get what I want, why I should win

I never thought, I was doing a massive sin.

A sin of doing absolutely nothing yet craving to get everything

To just want the fruit, my life tree wasn’t even bearingΒ 

To get what I desire but not what I deserve

And to waste it once received, no reserve, no conserve.

Today when I see all that I’ve received

There’s nothing to stand by, nothing that I’ve achieved

I have received love or pain for a reason

Even my pain I’ve caused no good, I’ve given it just treason.

Yes, I expect a lot from myself, my life

But ultimately isn’t is just my own life

I can’t reap the fruits from someone else’s garden

Even if they love me and I’m no burden.

It definitely is hard but this work was meant just for me

It wasn’t meant for me to sit and see

It was assigned to my life because I could do it better

What if it is difficult, I shouldn’t get bitter.

Because life has given me plenty of pleasures too

Something that I never thanked for, never said a simple “Thank you”

Tomorrow if I even get to see a new dream

Or I get to see the sun beam

I will live it to my fullest without missing the slightest trace

I will simply live it to the highest grace.

I will move my feet now as if it’s my last dance

I will grab that opportunity as if it’s my only chance

I definitely don’t know whether it’s decades or minutes for death

So why not live each as my last breath?


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