Swiss Fantasy!

Favourite flavour of ice-cream and its fascination.


How many times do you fall for your favourite ice-cream all over again?

How many times do you want to hold a pencil to sign documents more than a pen?

How many times do you want to run with that kid, race and let him win?

And how many times do you want tears in eyes and at same time own a large grin?

Every time you can live that dream once more?

Every time you can live your life like before?

Life gives us a million chances, to smile like an infant without any reason

A million chances to dance like a four year old without any occasion

A million chances to pick a pencil and scribble a world of thoughts without any barriers

A million chances to relish the taste ofΒ the ice-creamΒ without worrying about managers.

When did you last stop to see this chance?

When did you stop and have a glance?

When did you want to race a bunch of kids?

When to dream a new dream you closed your eyelids?

But now I want you to stop, stay and stare

Stare at chances million but rare.

Stay close to leisure and not run with time

Because now I know there’s a lot more time.

To not sleep because of low energy but for a new dream.

To enjoy every bit of that ice-cream.

To run, race, fall and laugh not with but on life.

To be satisfied now and not wait until mid-life.

We all know where we want to go, and the place is called happiness

Then why do we wait for our teeth to fall to smile and then witness

Time keeps running but we can stop and breathe

Life is to be lived and not just survived with speed.

Don’t lose that smile in this rush, there’s nothing better than ecstasy

Give away all the worry and enjoy your “Swiss Fantasy”!


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