It’s Never Too Late!

How often do I win? How often have I not fallen? How often have I not given up?Β And how often did I achieve?


Almost never. Yes, never.

Why? Why did I take forever?

Forever and ever to live my dream

Forever and ever I got off-stream.

I gave up and never looked back

My life has been piled in a stack.

With dust over it, meaningless and useless too

My reflection tells me, “This can’t be you!”

“Why?” I ask, but comes no reply

I feel like a device, put on standby.

No aim, no hope, but to silently keep living

Tasks lie in my head and I stay unwilling.

Is there a reason for my existence?

If I have to just do what I’ve been asked to at the instance?

Is there a reason good enough to feel proud?

No. I feel equivalent to that person lying inside the shroud.

What went wrong wasn’t wrong enough

I couldn’t make it right was more sinful, I wasn’t quite tough.

And I left it far behind

So far away, that I lost myself, too misplaced to find.

To find me, to find what I do

To find my life, to put it back into a statue.

But today I am, strong, confident and will be proud too

I wouldn’t run away now and that goal again I will pursue

We never are immune to procrastination

But ambitions don’t follow like our designation.

We might hit and fall and fall and hit

But we can survive only if we get up again to get fit.

To try, try, re-try but not put it aside

This path is difficult, but the other is narrow not wide.

Why choose the other way anyway, why postpone, why so prone?

Dreams do come true, I’ve seen and known.

Destiny maybe written somewhere, but I will write my own fate

I will live up to my dreams and stand tall, because it’s never too late.


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