Because I realised it was the best time to fulfil dreams.


The sun beam lighting me up

The steaming coffee cup

The cool breeze blowing through my hair

The chirping birds in mid-air.

The fragrance of the flowers

Squirrels hiding their nuts on towers

The buzzing of the bees

That music, that sight to please.

Those smiles, those laughters, blessings in the atmosphere

A début to life again, again a new première

Β  How blessed I am to watch something I will never lose

To watch truth with naked eyes, no blames, no excuse.

But I’ve committed mistakes, I’ve missed days from my life

I’ve missed the morning breeze, I’ve missed the sunrise

Today when I see the dawn breaking in front of my eyes

Dreams do come true I realise.

This morning made me understand

I was missing on coffee and living on toast, so bland

I capture this picture through my eyes of clouds unveiling the sky

I’m capturing love in me I can’t deny.

The love of dreams and how they come true

How the stars shine and morning brings a new hue

How the morning hour makes me perceive me as a sparkling star

And how the shining stars make me look far ahead and forget my scar.

Wake up tomorrow to fulfil a new dream

To see the clouds move and add on you a shining gleam.


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