Maybe because he held a place in her thoughts that no one else could.


Love is definitely something

But, I don’t know how a temporary feeling becomes everything.

It’s like life, here today and gone tomorrow

It’s an emotional rush, like you don’t know, it’s happiness or sorrow.Β 

A connection or infatuation

Even real admiration needs a vacation.

At times we walk strong with smiles on

We don’t need such breaks, without them we shine on.

But a pause isn’t that bad too, if you ponder

Absence truly does make the heart grow fonder.

It makes us think about that someone who’d always win us over

Β And let us win their hearts moreover.

About that one person whose arms are shelter and the most safest place to be

And whose one smile makes all our troubles flee.

To think how important their presence is to us

To think how their presence changes ‘just me’ to just us.

To know how much of us within is them, yet them we miss

To remember how they lighten our gloomy days with a simple kiss.

To know that you cannot let them go

To know how happy you’re with them and without them so low.

No chance comes twice, so grab it at first

Don’t assume a break to be an end, don’t make best of your life worst.

Distance doesn’t matter until all of us are under the same sky

Love slowly, cherish it, there’s still time for goodbye!


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