To love is nothing. To be loved is something. But to be loved by a person you love… is everything.


No easy task

Not even that difficult if you ask.

To make someone a part of your heart and soul

It happens usually without control.

They touch you deep inside

Even before you know it well from outside.

Dreams come true for real

With passion, affection, admiration or zeal.

Pages in the story of our life are owned by that someone we love

They hold a place deep bottom in our hearts and in our thoughts all above.

They come in our life for a reason, in some season

They might come and become a part much beyond that reason.

We might find them on the first or last page isn’t that well defined

But on the canvas of our life they are the best color designed.

They are sometimes our little secret, sometimes they are our only famous personality

A little weird but at some point, even our mind loses rationality.

You can’t look for them because they’re destined to meet you in an awkward manner

Don’t go out to find them, you can’t bang into your life’s sharer with a planner.

Stop looking around and just be yourself

Someone was born out there for you, who likes just you as oneself.

Simple and kind, love might be blind

It makes us fall but holds us on, it’s very determined.

Smile, look up, be you, hold onto that rareness

There is someone waiting there to share a corner of tenderness.


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