Whining over little to medium to immense circumstances has been in my blood ever since I was born.


Aren’t weΒ all just ceaseless complainers

Senseless consumers.

It seems so mighty at first to complaint and get out of the topic

Cranky, sad and at times we act so chaotic.

As if that “chocolate” was just meant for me

As if I’ll die if I don’t get that “little black dress” you see?

As if the earth will rotate upside down if I can’t go on a “holiday”

As if my “life will end” if I stop complaining about it, each and every day.

Why do we behave so bizarre when we have so much more than so many others do

There are so many social illnesses around us. But, we really just want our favourite chewing-gum to chew.

Who ever cared, what this protesting, moaning or bleating was doing to us

We feel we became strong by giving something up, but no we never realise what it has made us.

But, that great effect of giving something up and complaining about it doesn’t last long

We can’t hold enough, we’re soon guilty about it, we aren’t that strong.

But it’s tough to give up on complaining right?

We make ourselves weak, and make stronger our “so-called” plight.

“My trip gets cancelled, yet all my friends go

Who’s at fault? I will definitely feel low.”

But you know what’s the best way to count our blessings?

To be able to lose what we like with a big heart, to do away with cravings?

Is to know that the path ahead is better for us and we can walk it with pride

A little more care and the grass will be greener on our side.

We need to give all we have to get something at times

Today we just have to give up on complaining and wait to live more than one lifetimes.


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