Doubt yourself and they will doubt you! Judge yourself and they will judge you too! Judge them they will judge you more. Rather build stronger your own core.Β 


Judging someone can be negative or positive

Judging is a behaviour and happens naturally, it’s not some motive

I judge because I don’t know that person well enough yet

My judgement makes it easy for me to understand the person, all set.

I judge when I don’t gel well, my values and principles differ

I think ill without knowing the other’s life struggle, I never consider

I judge when my identity is lost, I judge because I’m jealous

I don’t see achievement then, only faults in me, in the other I witness zealous.

I don’t think I can stop judging, my mind doesn’t think even once before doing that

But there’s yet something “I” can combat.

Judging someone who we don’t know well enough isn’t negativity

All our assumptions or thoughts go away when we get to know them with abundance of positivity.

Judging someone with a different set of values brings in the pessimism

What’s wrong for me maybe the most form of right for someone else, accepting this fact turns it to optimism.

Judging someone because of their achievement, power or simply good work

Keeps me away from my identity, from my self-belief I run and lurk.

But, after knowing what judging others or myself has done to me

I guess loving myself is a better form of me.

Self-worth or self-love definitely does not come to us just like that

But it’s yet not difficult to find our hat.

To find what’s good in us, good in me, good to make us happy

It certainly takes us away from all that judging so unhappy

I might be less smart, I might not be beautiful at all

But I can go around and say I’m unique and that matters in all.

Just because ‘She’ is more intelligent, why should I flee

I can learn something from her too, and stop being that JUDGEMENTAL me!


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