Give Me Your Hand!

I criticize, I scold, I taunt, I comment, I remark to make them improve.Father-Daughter1

How difficult is life to you because of the people around?

Does your dad behave like a boss? Are you by rules, bound?

How often do you hide your likes and dislikes?

Do you like cars more than the bikes?

Well I know how it feels to get scolded for not being good

Or maybe not being as good as you probably should

Or maybe for doing something that you felt was right

Or to listen to your heart and fly the kite.

At times, we get rebuked for something we might have never done

At times criticized much more than the mistake we made, shot by a harsh word gun

At times we’re remarked for putting forward wrong behaviour

Β And these remarks are expected to be taken, no give away, no saviour.

What do we do in such times?

When words hit us hard, and hard enough sometimes?

I cry to bed, that’s my way of forgetting crimes

Crimes I never did, yet oceans I cry in those critical times.

But now I know my tears are precious

And criticising remarks are too gems semiprecious

Because they do me good when I think positive

They lift me from that dirt so negative.

But I also know how hard it has been

To clean that dirt away, easy it never did seem.

So I know I will not pass it on I will not scold or scream

Everyone makes mistakes, even rivers go the opposite direction to come back as upstream.

So why not lift that mind with motivation rather than criticism?

Why not inculcate a value with happiness mechanism?

Don’t bury a new thought, like yours was buried in the sand

Give that thought the right path, give that child your hand.Β 


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