90 Seconds!

“Why do you think so much about future? Live this very moment more profoundly now” he said.


Did we know earlier of all the mishaps that have happened with us in the past?

Then why do we think about future so much, that too will not last.

What we remember without counting are moments and not days

We remember the times we lived with craze.

If to earn comes first to love your child

Love first, you’ll earn everything with just his smile and all your worries may turn mild.

If to keep your home clean, to dust is a must

Do itΒ for yourself but don’t keep him waiting, let that iron rust.

If to run now is important, then run hard

But remember not to look back at what you’ve missed. Miss it with high regard.

Live the moment by doing what you’re doing with complete satisfaction

Don’t react when time passes, respect your every action.

Don’t miss that sunset, capture it today

There may be many more to come but not as beautiful as today.

Dance on your favourite track, kiss slowly, laugh loudly, be you

There’s no better gift than the present and it is true.

Climb mountains, swim rivers, read a book, plant a new seed

You’ll smile later too when you remember this moment indeed.

Difference between our wants and needs are just distractions

A moment is just 90 seconds.


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