My Word!

The olden days were golden truly!


That one simple promise or a firm handshake and deals were done

Who’s trustworthy today? I feel none.

I believe I am the most fake person to say this

I wish all my friendships to be good, but I myself remiss.

It was different back then, a word said and it was a vow

Who does that today, now?

I myself don’t stop to think before making a promise

After all, lack of faith has made us like this.

Framed were commitments then, said and done

I’m missing out on hearts that I should have won.

I expect people to do me all good and give me all the love

But, am I doing the same, foremost and all above?

And when they say ‘yes’ and don’t turn up I become sad

“Most didn’t even apologise for not being there” and I start feeling bad.

Well. I know there are unending lists of work in our lives

But it seems like we live in beehives.

So covered and hidden that we won’t open up until we’re hit

And once hit, we’ll sting and hurt as if, these people in our lives, they don’t fit.

Why can’t we communicate and be clear

If we’re close, gentle criticism to improve shouldn’t sound queer.

But neither do we give our prospective vividly

Nor do we tell them what hurt us distinctly.

And we expect a ‘sorry’ at least at the end of the day

Just think if the other really knows what was wrong in his way.

I will gently tell my people, they hurt me, no more a coward

I will keep my promise, my word!


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