Because, there are times in life when we have to look away.

looking out

No matter how delicious that chocolate bar in the candy shop is

No matter whether it is or not really our business

No matter how long we took to come here

No matter what we’ve faced and how queer.

What matters is, we have to give it away

We have to change ourΒ way

Because what we want now, was never meant to be ours

It’s just a life better ahead, don’t blame the stars.

It takes time to give away something you love the most

It takes time to throw a new party and be the host

But throw a better one next time and have no regrets

Wipe away those tears, keep no sorrow debts.

Life is too small to cry over that one plate of dessert

There’s a buffet full of your favourite ice-cream somewhere ahead. For now, look away, avert.


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