Let It Go!

Because I never can, let things go so easily, but today I’ve realized big time that one smile can stop many tears.


We came to go.

When the life we have isn’t permanent itself, then why we try to make things so.

We hold onto past incidences and make them life not just moments

We make pain our own and our best friends we make opponents.

Β Heat of the moment is what we hold onto and keep all the sorry’s aside

Forgiveness is too much to give then, because we can’t forget, we can’t decide.

Anger we misunderstand as hatred

And hatred remains there until it’s re-painted.

Misunderstandings we understand the most

We keep them with us and throw our minds far away on the coast.

Guilt kills all self-respect, all self-belief

What’s worse to adapt in life than, disbelief?

Love is fading not because it is distant

Love is fading because when hurt, we turn away from it in an instant.

I am hurt, but what will life be with just happiness

Without thorns a rose wouldn’t be capable of blooming, so helpless.

When we want to feel everything in life then why not pain?

When we want to bloom like a rose then why are thorns so vain?

The breath we take, the life we live

The feelings we share, the love we give.

All of it has come to go

Why do I hold on then, I will just LET IT GO.


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