Because we dream a new dream and live a new life whenever we sleep!!!


In this fast life that we live today, we forget how important it is to sleep

It can make us alive again, it kills all stress, kills the weep.

Sleepless nights make us forget to see the beauty of the mornings

Mornings then no more seem essential, they just look like deadline warnings.

That alarm has no more snooze, has become almost silent

No more favorite songs we set, because we’re running for the client.

But surprisingly, that snooze isn’t laziness so sleep and snooze till you can

Not just the dark-circles it will ban.

It strengthens us from core to brain

Sleep isn’t a drive that vain.

It’s a memory booster, get to bed to practice your skills

Live more, yes sleep increases our lifespan for our dream fulfills.

Spread creativity, spread happiness

Smile more widely without any dizziness.

Look beautiful without any make-up on

Show your 30 year old youth up, even when 60 is on.

Improve your stamina just with a little sleep

Is there anything better, to always upkeep?

So many benefits, yet we’re running away

Don’t make the same mistake you made yesterday.

Say “Good Night” often from tonight

Because from tomorrow your mornings are turning bright.

Wear immunity, get shielded from pressure or sorrow

Sleep is all yours, you don’t even need to borrow.

Live lots many new dreams, and very few nightmares

Life is taking you on beautiful journeys, don’t miss these airs.

Fulfill your dreams today, tomorrow you will have stories to tell

I wish you tonight, sleep really well!


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