A Lunch Date!

I went on a date, today!


Love takes time, lots of time

That touch, that hug, that kiss might always feel so sublime.

But there is lot that goes behind it

We never realize. It never makes us realize, it does not click or hit.

But we understand soon the consequences

We understand and experience through incidences.

We miss the kiss, we’re addicted to the touch

We become aware in absence ever so much.

One consequence may even make us perceive we’ve made mistakes

And we know life can’t take retakes.

And we run then, because we now probably can’t still hug

More than that we concentrate on pretending and showing off with the new mug.

Why does that gap come in a relationship?

A relationship that is much more than friendship???

The sole reason is we forget ourselves

We forget our comics and read books of their bookshelves.

It does work out at the start, to give everything even the best part of our heart

But the journey is always longer after a good beginning and there’s no choice to restart.

But I found a way, to fall in love ever so strong.

Finding a way in love may not be logical but I know it won’t go wrong.

I think you should try it too

So just love yourself first, before saying “I love you!”

So that, on the path of that journey there is nothing new

There are no changes to deal with, neither many nor few.

I went on a date, today! IT WAS WITH MYSELF!

I found the best company and I found it myself.

Love yourself! πŸ™‚


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