Wash Your Dishes!

How regularly do we wash our dishes? That bowl of cereal and milk? Everyday? At times many more times in the day right?


When we pour that milk in the bowl

There maybe times when we lose the can, lose control.

When we gulp that cereal in a hurry

There maybe times when it falls all around, a big reason to worry.

But, what next, we have our briefcases on and shoes on toes to run to office

Just to be on time in there, to be flawless.

That spilled milk or cereal all over the table still runs into our mind

When home, we run to work. In office, home is on our mind.

All we think about is how to clean the mess once back

We become more worrier thinking what more mess it’ll stack.

Once we’re back dull and tired, we wish to clean up the next morning

All of our dreams become more of a warning then something adorning.

Why that thought of spilled milk when chocolates all around

Why do our thoughts ponder upon that cereal, why in those thoughts are we bound?

Milk and cereal is such a simple story.

So much more is there in our minds, from all sorts of relationship crisis to inventory.

But the point is we need to clean our dishes right then on time

We need to act former, onetime.

To let that dirt out and not grow in our heads

To have tension-free brains in office, and without sweat foreheads.

Pour milk carefully, don’t hurry for office

No that’s not the trick, the trick is basically to wash all dishes.

No matter how difficult it is, put the dishes to place tonight

Trust me the cereal will be more delightful tomorrow and not a big worry or fight.


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