Not the sentimental or emotional feeling but the actual burden of our day-to-day lives..!


That to-do list, daily tasks, the increasing amount of work

Makes me feel like, to hide somewhere in that dark murk.

The list that keeps on adding and the day becoming shorter

Make me feel disabled to even say yes to get a little help to get sorter.

Because no striking out tells me everything is incomplete

“Do all you wish to first, do a little cheat.”

But who am I cheating here, myself perhaps

I feel it’s better to give up than cheat my own self and collapse.

Burden!!! All sorts of it on my head rather than the back

What do I do next? Everything seems just so blank.

I tend to complete work when it arises right in front

Like that last minute project, that I have to confront.

What use of planning then, why so many empty plots

Β That to-do list somewhere now seems just ink blots.

I soon realize that what I wish to do in that list is becoming what I now don’t want to.

I read it everyday but there’s no meaning any more of that due.

Because work that I loved now became a BURDEN

What made it so bad? Why so sudden?

I understand that life can’t be a to do list, there’s just present in my hand

To create everything now, planned or unplanned.

Β Because the most amazing things are where we are and not in the future we wish to see

We create hassles just to be hassle-free.

Cut that list out I say,

Live this moment, live this day.

Do what’s meaningful today and then no tasks underlying for tomorrow

Go anchor now, no heavy bow then on shoulders, no heavy arrow.


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