It’s Worth the Wait!

“3 Weeks More…” A personal life incident and I didn’t know then, how I had to react to his words. But today when they linger into my mind, I know there’s so much good coming my way.


Five years, three months, eighteen days…

I’m proud of myself, in quite a few ways.

It hasn’t been that difficult a journey, but sure has been long

I know it was for my good, it has definitely made me strong.

But the point here is, it has become too monotonous for me to be patient anymore

“Why ME?” I ask, disturbed to the core.

“Wait” he answered from all above the skies

“There’s great reward coming your way, no lies!”

Dispute, I fight, I want it now, even if the God needs more time

“It’s 21 days” he says, “it’s just little more time”.

Β And then I realize, just 21 more days in that journey of five years

Am I not that patient, that today my eyes have tears???

That question makes me weak, deprived, lonely too somehow

I have everyone with me, but not myself I feel, I’ve lost the inner me now.

I urge to get myself back, the strengthened, confident and optimistic me

That’s all that I always wished to be.

Then why this weakness, why so deprived and lonely

There is so much, so many people face I’m not the target only.

Just because it isn’t happening now doesn’t mean it never will

Every dream no matter how big or small takes some time to fulfill.

The ability to wait and have that smile on

Is what makes the morning so glorious after that dark dawn.

Every dream is difficult until it becomes easy and it’s never too late

All we have to always believe is that, IT’S WORTH THE WAIT!


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