Calamity Or Blessing?

“You can’t connect the dots looking forward; you can only connect them looking backwards” said Steve Jobs.


Everyone makes mistakes, it states we’re human

But trying to ignore, look away at them and take a new step is a gesture inhuman.

The best way to lead ahead or take a new leap

 Is to look within, a little deep.

Mistakes, errors, disastrous experiences

Are actually, the best vivid learning incidences.

The scars marked the pain we lived, survived

Let’s not cover them and make the world understand what we’ve faced yet arrived.

What happened yesterday shouldn’t be a disappointment for tomorrow.

We’re out of suffering and hurt, but learning we can still borrow.

Yesterday was there in our life for a reason and who doesn’t face a bad past?

But we all face it right? No matter how vast?

 We never realize that the bad past was our glorious bliss

We mistake our thought, thinking mistakes to be evil and we dismiss.

 Everything that hurts, is in real a teaching

Everything we’re scared to do, should be done, even if with screeching.

That what hurts us, that what we’re scared to do

That mistake that we made or that experience we went through.

Came to us for a reason, caressing

It wasn’t CALAMITY it was a BLESSING.

Life has abundance of learning experiences, it never falls scarce

Learn from it, whether painful or euphoric and put forward your ace.


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