‘Greed was what motivated Judas to sell Jesus’
Not the right one, but motivation always has pleased us.
In the race to get what we want, we forget what we have
Wants just hurt, needs have to heal, salve.
We tend to forget a family that loves us, a home to go to
When materialism is on our minds, our minds are just in it too.
That intensely selfish desire to own everything every time
Makes us lose everything anytime.
The one who always wants to say, me and mine
Becomes liable to pay more within no time.
Everything has positivity attached, so selfishness has it as well
But excess of anything and everything is bad, one doesn’t need to dwell.
In the path to get the best out of us, we lead to become the worst
We can’t even last a chance of coming last, in the rapacity to come first.
‘We not me’ and ‘generosity not greed’ are difficult traits to be found today
To fill our pockets we snatch the poor mans little, life’s rule we disobey.
So life treats us back with what we’ve done to it
It let’s us go high and pulls right back down to the pit.
In the hurry for money, in the competition for wealth
We lose importance of care, share, love, in fact even health.
Forbidden fruit seems sweeter and but depicts it’s poison once we grab
Β  It’s like that pointed weapon coming to back stab.
But what’s the need to get stabbed after having knowledge one definitely will
Greed is no thrill, that drills confidence to face the kill.
It’s just that inclination of craving to possess permanent riches in a temporary living
It’s just that hunger and thirst to eat everything and avoid giving.
It makes us lose the value of this precious existence
We start loving things and using people because it creates resistance.

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