In this world, in the fight for oil, how often do you think of water? Rarely? Seldom? Right? Well, I’m no good, I never thought about it too.


A drop in the ocean or an ocean in the drop

A glass to quench thirst or the tap running nonstop.

3/4th of this planet or 71% of this earth

Abundance it is, yet today is dearth.

That sky and the sea

Or horizon where together they be.

Never judged the scarcity

Nature always does charity.

But we are still reckless, callous, so shameless

We don’t respect, we don’t give back either, we’re just too heartless.

Water equals to life

An equation that states truth and is rife.

That water cycle if it stops

What will our life cycle depict then? No running then, just stops.

We realize the worth, the day our wells go dry.

Until then we’ll all misapply.

We know the value before receiving and after losing

Until then, it’s quite cool, the misusing.

I don’t know if it’s yet necessary to explain…

Are you still unaware of what’s going in vain?

If you care, then take at least your foot forward

If you don’t, I hope it changes soon, that mindset of yours, so backward.

Because I don’t want us to lose the value of life and later cry

Tears contain water too, we can’t deny.


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