What makes you feel inspired? What gives you THAT push to work harder? What gets you more closer to your dreams, to your aspirations?


Achievement! Appreciation! Encouragement! Love!

I found so many answers to the questions above.

That drive to achieve something marvelous came from achievement itself

The appreciation made me feel that, yes this is what I am, where I see myself.

That encouraging cheering of my name made me win the race

The love beyond everything made me work more to get more of it, had so much grace.

But I didn’t ask myself all these questions or look for answers to them

I always felt lonely enough, I always then wanted to stop, give up, condemn.

Give up on those dreams, only I could see

Destine myself to walk on made paths and not create one to pass the sea

Live ‘my’ life the way ‘they’ decided

The strength and courage soon subsided.

Because “INSPIRATION” doesn’t fall on our paths so easily

We have to look up for it crazily.

That A+, that WELL DONE, that KEEP IT UP or that I’M PROUD

Is very difficult to earn and is not simply allowed.

We often escape or give up because they say we can’t

We think of following their footsteps, a life lived easy to ourselves we grant.

But, what if I say, that mere piece of inspiration we’re searching for outside is within us?

We all know how to solve the equation of those decisions between minus and plus.

To be inspired is what we all wish to always be.

Rather wishing to inspire others might make us swim the sea.

Your story might be small but don’t be ashamed

It might inspire someone named or unnamed.

Be inspiring and get inspired isn’t that a better driving force?

Be the source to reinforce.


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