For we think about “What others might think” more than ourselves!


I can’t wear that dress, what will people think?

Yes, I do like it but they might stare and blink.

That doesn’t mean I’m uncomfortable, I’m just unable to express myself

There will be more eyes and minds out there than just mine, many more than just myself.

And since right then that dress remains in the wardrobe

Dull and worn out it seems now, once a bright white robe.

Had she not thought about what “others” had to think

Had she not worried and made it worthwhile for them to stare and blink.

She’d be more confident and genuine today

She wouldn’t be scared of that world outside to decide her way.

That one thought, “What others might think” puts us in pure dilemma with life

We do not understand but in the long run it creates a big strife.

Dilemma usually refers to making a choice between two

But the sole thought of “What others might think” debars all options whether old or new.

If we’re confident just about ‘WHO WE ARE’

Then doesn’t matter when that world stares… let them see this shining star.

They will think and maybe talk ill too

But they do it to make themselves feel good, for self-appraisal, so what if untrue?

We all in this world have issues to deal with

Adding on “What others might think” is no fact, it’s just myth.

When there is so much to handle already

What makes us think about their issues with our life, why do we take them on our heads so ready?

These people we think about so much, weren’t there to help us out manage our sorrows

  Then why in that happiness of doing something we like, they slip into our thoughts, our tomorrows?

Distress of what they will think is not what we should think honestly

Care about yourself and be happy, the world will respect effortlessly.


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