Your Affection, My Strength!

For we value our loved ones so much that they strengthen us deeply, unknowingly!


To the time you’ve spent with me

To the hours you’ve let me be ME

To the love I see in your eyes when you gaze at me

To the care in your arms when you clasp me

To the sincerity in your smile when I see you come

To the sorrow in my heart when far you become

To the tenderness in you arms when you hug me tight

To your impressive ways that are always right

To all your valuable words that turn into my solemn advices

To all those advices that turn into virtues from vices

To the ecstasy on my mind when I find you near me

To the despondence on my mind when you’re not there with me

To all the faith I have in you

To all the trust and care of yours too

To the loneliness I live in when you’re not around

To all the love of yours by which I’m bound.

I swear and promise today

No matter how short or long is my way

They will be with me right beside

Because they can never be kept aside

A world without them is not my world at all

Without them in life, I might just fail and fall

So in these few moments I’d like to say

To all those precious moments I’ve lived with you till today

They strike my mind all the time even though they’ve passed

They take me back and make me a part of the past

Because these little moments wherever I go

Will lead me better and I will follow.


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