A Piece Of Heaven!

We all find our little “Piece of HEAVEN” in small-big things everyday. And so many times, it’s just snatched away from us. We believe to live with perfection when we’re happy but what happens when this happiness is taken away from us? WE BECOME UNHAPPY!


Unhappiness! It means a lot right?

We’re more towards it, towards the dark night.

And none of us have the courage to believe now that there’s a new morning

After all such painful heartbreaks who wants to believe in a life adorning?

I’ve spent my age trying to figure out, how to be happy

Sometimes I really wish to have some clear therapy

Maybe I’ve managed troubles all by myself

But who forgets pain? It’s still there locked in some corner shelf.

None of us want to feel it again, but we don’t forget it entirely too

Sometimes the same incident becomes a nightmare and turns us blue.

But what if I tell you, you won’t get hurt ever again

No. I won’t ask you, to count ‘One to Ten’

I will just ask you, to re-design who you ARE.

And the very first instruction is, answer this test by being who YOU are.

Are you happy with what you do?

Describe what you wish to do in life and you’re through.

It hurts when “others” don’t like you, don’t say good about you?

Stop OTHERIZING, you already know what’s good for you.

It hurts the most when you lose your possessions, your loved ones, doesn’t it?

Don’t fear losing them, they’re in your life to be a part of it.

Unhappiness is just a feeling, just an emotion

It cannot ruin your complete little piece of heaven.

There are glorious mornings after all dark nights

Put aside that bitter-guard today and enjoy the chocolate ice-cream delights.


3 thoughts on “A Piece Of Heaven!

  1. Mr Anish Shetty aka Anish Anna,
    Who knows a sisters age better than a brother? πŸ™‚ I’m pleased to know about the connect my work had with you! Thank you so much! πŸ™‚


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