Yes, I do get frustrated. Don’t you too? Stop annoying me more by such questions!


How many times do we fall prey to that stress, frustration, annoyance?

Each time we do, our mind indulges in avoidance.

Avoidance to questions, to people, to loved ones

Our mind gets stuck in that one place, that hurt tape it reruns.

We tend to ignore everything around

We’re irritated to hear slightest of a sound.

Where does frustration arise?

In those, criticizing comments, in those inconsiderate actions and sometimes even in denies.

We get hurt, disturbed, have burnt toast days, tears fall.

We were meant to get hurt we believe, we’re human too after all.

But the actual reason lies within us

Yes, the reason to all the disgusts.

It’s actually the distance we try and hold.

We think the other world will attack our soul and then we won’t ever be bold.

We pretend to be close to each other and stay enclosed

We’re scared of the reaction, the reaction if we’re exposed.

We wish to be the right, smart and perfect from within

But, we’re scared that this image will be shattered if we try to share and begin.

And when this image is struck by inappropriate behavior

Frustration glues to our mind, no savior.

I pledge today my inner and outer self will be ME

I won’t protect my identity and let it be.

If they don’t like me, it’s their choice and I will respect it

But that doesn’t indicate I forget myself and in their world I try to fit.

Do what you like, be who you are,

Trust me, your dreams then aren’t that far!


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