I’m Involved Truly!

When you love someone deeply, when someone loves you deeply too… always know where you’re going, getting ATTACHED or INVOLVED!


When a mother gives birth to her little baby, it becomes a part of her soul.

When a father holds his child, to make an infants life is his only goal.

When a brother jumps continuously to see a baby in the cradle, he’s found his most precious gift.

When a sister sees a smile on the face of her new born sibling, her heart gets an uplift.

A new born child adds involvement within a few seconds

And we yet don’t understand life’s message and keep looking for attachment and waste down, all seconds.

What’s the difference you might ask?

What’s the task? What am I trying to unmask?

Well, the truth is very simple, as easy as life is

But we always complicate, we never see a blessing in this.

When I get ATTACHED, I expect

And when I am INVOLVED, I introspect.

The mother didn’t expect her child to hold her back

The father didn’t expect his child to start running on the track

The brother didn’t expect a little baby’s excitement in return

The sister didn’t expect a little baby’s concern.

Then why do we expect so much from life?

From people, from ourselves, from our loved ones and create strife.

When I give, I will get back too

Maybe the sources to get back what we’ve given are different or new.

But expecting something may or may not get us the reward

Let’s get involved, we’ll naturally get adored.

To “Get and Forget”, we’ve always done

Now it’s time to “Give and Forgive”, and hearts be one.


2 thoughts on “I’m Involved Truly!

  1. I’m getting really involved too… I give, but I expect, and because I expect, I get dissappointed or hurt… Now it’s time to give and forget I guess… This perfectly fits in my life πŸ™‚


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