“I hate what you do. I hate the way you dress. I’m jealous of you, you steal my friends. I’m not so close to you, but I should say what I feel and saying it to you will only make me feel better.”


Said it and forgot. Said it and kept calm

Calmed to a level that caught a beautiful charm

Smile added on the charm of this face

Beautiful already now also had grace.

Why? How? That was sheer inappropriate behavior for someone

Being so cruel, how can it then calm anyone?

We think like this always because we don’t take anything today in the right spirit

We’re in such bad terms and so impatient to delay our emotions that we turn everything complicit.

It’s okay to say what one feels and saying to the right person matters so much more

Words said in the right way can go to the right core

They might hurt but they’re getting conveyed and not talked about in places

If I don’t like something I have to say it to someone to fill empty spaces.

Had the courage, courage to hurt maybe

We need much more audacity to hurt even more than we need to say sorry.

So bold and fearless I always wish to be

Where I will talk to the person directly.

I don’t want to spend time with my best friend talking about the other person’s habits I don’t like

I want to talk to my best friend of moments that we’ll remember for life.

I will never talk to people about other people from now

The tit-bit to tattle, to myself I won’t allow.

I will have that fearlessness and walk with my head held even high

I will talk direct with right words to right people and rightly I will fly.


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