Valentine’s Day!

For LOVE is the most celebrated joy in the world and I’m yet confused how to express mine!


St. Valentine, happy birthday, thanking you genuinely to give this world something so magical

That cupid pulled and aimed his arrow today, eras back, to tell us about stories so classical.

When I think about the history of this day

I get lost and reach a place, I’d never like to stay.

A little time ago, I would go blank when people talked about ‘love’ to me

I wouldn’t understand to what love really was, one person I loved the most was just ME.

But today, I know what love really is

And it definitely does not signify some touch or kiss.

It’s when someone else’s happiness is mine

It’s when in someone’s eyes I shine.

It’s when I trust someone more than myself

It’s when I feel the pain of someone else’s wound, I forget myself.

Love is so much to me now that I can write stories and books

Not about some boyfriend, crush or random hooks.

Stories with people so real in it

Some there for pages together and some just a sentence I admit.

Today, when I think of these people, I’ve got innumerable smiles

And I don’t realize also that tears too are rolling down my cheeks at whiles.

These remind me of moments and memories spend so close

Given a piece of my heart to most.

And now when I look beside there’s no one to hold my hand

I wonder, where did we lose connection, why am I standing alone on this land.

I don’t want my guy to be here now

But I’ve lost important relationships and I don’t even know how.

It’s time to figure out, what, where, when went wrong

When it did, why was there no sound no gong?

Maybe it’s me who made mistakes and left that hand

Maybe it was me, who in the desire to make the castle poured out some sand.

The truth is, I miss everyone so special to me today

The truth is, ironically, people close to me are far away.

I can’t bring time back, but I can correct my errors

I will not lose on MY people just because of some barriers.

Love I don’t share, my heart beats for everyone equally

It’s just that I want to express it now, a little uniquely.


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